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Kreng by Jeroen De Wandel

Kreng, “The Summoner” Review

Kreng might make the scariest music on Earth. This is a bold statement when I consider my listening habits, but I find myself pleasantly disturbed sitting here listening to Kreng’s new masterpiece, “The Summoner”. Most of the...

Erik K Skodvin

Svarte Greiner, “Black Tie”

Svarte Greiner’s “Black Tie” is yet another astonishing entry into Miasmah’s ongoing catalog of extremely dark, extremely haunting yet extremely beautiful albums. Svarte Greiner also has the distinction of being label owner...


Elegi, “Varde”

According to Elegi’s website, the new album “Varde” tells the story of pioneer polar explorers who risked their lives to overcome the elements. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to consider the intensity of such trips. Elegi’s album explores the...


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