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Bottle Imp on Spotify

I sort of enthusiastically started using Spotify when it was launched in the U.S., so naturally had to get some Bottle Imp Productions representation there. Expect to see all of our future albums on there.
BLÆRG, Life Toward Twilight

Dysphoric Sonorities Case and Spine

New review for “Dysphoric Sonorities”

A new review of BLÆRG’s “Dysphoric Sonorities” has been posted by The Headphone Commute: Since the good ol’ days of Squarepusher’s jazzy idm breaks, laced with jungle flavored drill’n’bass, I’ve been nostalgic for that fading...

Dysphoric Sonorities Case and Spine

New Review for “Dysphoric Sonorities”

Blogger R-T-C posted a review of BLAERG’s “Dysphoric Sonorities“: Dysphoric Sonorities is an album that was released by the breakcore group BLAERG. Lets start the review shall we? Profane Esoterica is a panic break song that is...


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