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BLÆRG live

New BLÆRG track on Reject Records comp

BLÆRG has a new track titled “Recursive Iteration I: Benevolent Charlatan” that is part of the awesome “Stimulation Over Stagnation” compilation assembled by Reject Records.

Five from BLAERG 2013

Five from BLAERG for 2013

For 2013, I struggled to even come up with 5 impressive releases and the results are quite vanilla. I find as time goes on my interest in my own musical pursuits makes attention to the work of others continually shrink. I didn’t dig deep, but...

Super Collider

BLÆRG live at Super Collider in Philadelphia, PA

As part of his mini east coast tour, BLÆRG is also stopping by Philadelphia, PA to perform at SUPER COLLIDER at The Black Box at Underground Arts. Also featuring Duran Duran Duran, Speak Onion and others. 1200 Callowhill Street Philadelphia...


BLÆRG live at Barcore in Brooklyn, NY

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH 2013 BARCORE : MECHANIZED DEMOLITION ..::idm.glitch.noize.tekno.breakcore.neothrash::.. with live performances by: MONSTER X ***1st NYC appearance*** [London, UK] Tigerbeat6 | Peace Off DURAN DURAN DURAN [Berlin, Germany] Cock...

The Disease Model - Photo and Design by Daniel Tuttle

The Disease Model

The Disease Model was an experimental digi-grind side project comprised of the duo BLAERG and Wade Anderson, and its lifespan swiftly passed between a few months in 2007. Since this material is largely unheard, it has been decided to unearth these...


BLÆRG Live @ Perish June 20, 2013

From BLAERG: Realtime Audiomulch loop manipulation performed live in Minneapolis at the Kitty Kat club night “Perish”. As ever, an amalgamation of old, current and future material. Another entry in linear splatterbreak improvisational...

SoulSeek Days Cover Art

Soulseek Days Back Online

Sometime back, the script hosting BLÆRG’s “Soulseek Days” broke and people were unable to download it. I fixed everything and it is now available again for free download.
Go here to download


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