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blaerg the stolid membrane

BLÆRG releases The Stolid Membrane on Immigrant Breast Nest

BLÆRG released The Stolid Membrane on Immigrant Breast Nest Friday, February 24th. Another full exploration of modular synthesis and intricate beat work, this album continues to push the quality bar higher and higher. Digital download available from...

Blaerg Live Minneapolis

BLÆRG, “Solace Vertex” EP on NABOAMUSIC

BLÆRG dropped his new EP on NABOAMUSIC, and it is a must have from his ever-widening catalog. This effort was programmed with code using the Tidal platform, and is still employing the wonderful modular synths for sound. This release has a mellow...

Blaerg Art by VANDVL

We Have A Winner

BLAERG choose the submission by VANDVL as the winner of our design contest. Listen to this recording on Bandcamp now. Here is the full sized version of the submission:   Thanks to everyone who participated. We had some good entries, so I may do...


BLAERG Live Release Design Contest

BLÆRG is going to release his live recording from the Bangface party, part of his recent tour in Europe, and we need cover art designed for it. We decided to open it up as a contest. This is a digital only release, so only a front cover image is...

BLÆRG - Sonoluminescent


We have vinyl coming. Two new tracks from BLÆRG on clear vinyl. Order has been sent to the manufacturer, and I expect things will be back to us around June. Pre-orders will be setup soon. Check out my Behance mock-up for a visual preview.

BLAERG @ Songkick

BLÆRG on Songkick

BLÆRG has a few shows up in Minnesota and adding a few other dates soon. All shows are being added in Songkick, so you can track via their app.


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