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Synthwave playlist, “Cyborg Discotheque”

Synthwave Playlist
  1. Perturbator, “Venger (feat. Greta Link)”
  2. Luke Million, “Fear the Night”
  3. Gost, “Sigil”
  4. Douglas Holmquist, Susanna Lundgren, “Zero Dark Hundred”
  5. Deadly Avenger, “Nightrunner”
  6. Makeup And Vanity Set, “Implant”
  7. Alex, Tokyo Rose, “Akuma (feat. Rachel Mcalpine)”
  8. Dance With the Dead, “Robeast”
  9. Andy Fox, “Tempus Fugit”
  10. David Hasselhoff, “True Survivor “
  11. Kavinsky, “Odd Look”
  12. 3FORCE, “Grand Design”
  13. Tonebox, “System Error”
  14. Gridscape, “Hush”
  15. Fixions, “Please Hack Me (Folie a Deux)”
  16. Roborg, “Enemy Unknown”
  17. Gregorio Franco, “Hyperforce”
  18. Oscillian, “Attack Ships on Fire”
  19. Carpenter Brut, “Inferno Galore”
  20. Makeup And Vanity Set, “Choke”
  21. Mitch Murder, “Power Move”
  22. Robert Parker, “Running Wild”
  23. Waveshaper, “66 MHz”
  24. Daniel Deluxe, “Star Eater”
  25. Deadly Avenger, “Kill All Kaiju”
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Daniel Tuttle

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