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Surreal music, “Other worlds, Other times”

Surreal Playlist
  1. L A N D, “Anoxia”
  2. Demen, “Illdrop”
  3. The Dale Cooper Quartet, The Dictaphones, “Five clenche bouscarte / Ocho accenteur”
  4. The Haxan Cloak, “Fall”
  5. Algiers, “Hymn for an Average Man”
  6. serpentwithfeet, “penance”
  7. Amnion, “DISSOLUTION”
  8. Yair Elazar Glotman, Mats Erlandsson, “Orchid Sedation”
  9. Noveller, “No Dreams”
  10. Jacaszek, “Flowers”
  11. Kreng, “Na De Sex”
  12. Heroin And Your Veins, “In Dreams I Offend Myself”
  13. The Eye Of Time, “Retrospective Memory”
  14. Anna von Hausswolff, “Källans återuppståndelse”
  15. Grouper, “Driving”
  16. Hawthonn, “Eden”
  17. Raime, “The Last Foundry”
  18. Rafael Anton Irisarri, “Every Scene Fades”
  19. Deaf Center, “Movements / The Ascent”
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