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dark jazz playlist, “at dusk”

Dark Jazz, "at dusk": Spotify Playlist
  1. Fire!, “Up. And Down.”
  2. Neneh Cherry & The Thing, “Too Tough To Die”
  3. Lonker See, “One Eye Sees Red”
  4. Merkabah, “Solar Surfer”
  5. Niech??, “After You”
  6. Ex Eye, “Form Constant; the Grid”
  7. Zu, “Beata Viscera”
  8. Ultralyd, “Musica Imperativa”
  9. Blood Quartet, “Gravity Pull”
  10. Thought Gang, “Logic and Common Sense”
  11. Angles 9, “Equality & Death (Mothers, Fathers, Where Are Ye?)”
  12. Trouble, “Snake Eyes”
  13. Nor Cold, “Drama”
  14. Anna Högberg Attack, “Borderline”
  15. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, “Cotard Delusion”
  16. Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, “Heart-Shaped Box”
  17. Venetian Snares vs. Bong-Ra, “Senki Dala & ?ñngyilkos Vas?°rnap (Bong-Ra Remix)”
  18. Oiseaux-Tempête, “Portals of Tomorrow”
  19. The Thing With Five Eyes, “Sanhkara”
  20. Ronin Arkestra, “The Silk Road Prelude”
  21. Dungen, “Var Har Du Varit”
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Daniel Tuttle

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