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Welcome in violet, new single streaming at Echoes and Dust

Bottle Imp wants to welcome in violet to the roster. We’re going to release their new album, titled “amber”, on October 21st. The title single will be available widely this Friday. Today and tomorrow you can listen to the single...

Infinitum by Gareth Hart & Rod Price

Infinitum on Facebook

Infinitum, featuring Rod Price from Bottle Imp’s AMNION, is now on Facebook. INFINITUM is a new live dance and sound work created by award winning artists Gareth Hart (Dance) and Roderick Price (Sound). Using a range of sensitive microphones...

Blaerg Live Minneapolis

BLÆRG, “Solace Vertex” EP on NABOAMUSIC

BLÆRG dropped his new EP on NABOAMUSIC, and it is a must have from his ever-widening catalog. This effort was programmed with code using the Tidal platform, and is still employing the wonderful modular synths for sound. This release has a mellow...


AMNION work at TEDxStKilda

Rod Price from AMNION recently participated in a performance at TEDxStKilda with independent artist Gareth Hart. Existing in a continual feedback loop between body, sound and space, INFINITUM is constantly reborn within the context of its own...



On the anniversary of AMNION’s “DISSOLUTION”, he has released a “Name Your Own Price” remix album appropriately titled “RE_DISSOLUTION“. Grab it on Bandcamp.
Re_Dissolution by Amnion


Ethernaut’s “The Escape” Released Today

Today we release Ethernaut’s concept album, “The Escape“. “The Escape” is narrating an unwritten story about one woman’s escape from an oppressive system. Ethernaut blends an explosive combination of retro-futuristic microgenres...


Sextile, “A Thousand Hands” Review

Before anything can be said about how good the debut album, “A Thousand Hands”, by Sextile is, I feel compelled to note that Felte is quickly becoming a new favorite record label. It should have been clear that I am a huge fan of Ritual...


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