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In the early 1990’s, some of the most exciting electronic sounds were coming from the demoscene, which had its own unique culture of downloading and sharing music. The songs were designed to be coupled with graphics demos, but many of them took on a decoupled life of their own long after the demo itself had been forgotten.

That was when B.T. Franklin started writing music on his computer.

“There was a lot of really inspiring electronic music coming out of that movement,” says B.T. “One of the greatest things about it was that you could download the songs and then look into them, modify them, take the instrument samples out and use them in your own songs.”

Today, the tools are different and much more powerful, but B.T. still loves the sound and spirit of those demoscene days. “I’m sure anybody who listened to that stuff back then would instantly hear the influence in my newer compositions, but I’m also trying to evolve my sound all the time, so it’s not just a throwback that’s stuck in the past.”


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