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Daniel Tuttle has been active in music promotion and publishing since 1994. Beginning as an experiment, he joined a local musician to create “computer music”, which turned into an industrial band, Ogun’s Will. Since then, he have been involved in numerous bands, and designed album covers for even more. Daniel has been instrumental in organizing more than a few massive underground music events and festivals, including a stage at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2003 and 2004. For the past ten years, Daniel has been running Bottle Imp Productions, a DIY online record label I put together to help new and obscure artists broaden their reach globally utilizing social media and modern age strategies to marketing music in a post-Napster world.

Since 1994, I have created and released music on over a dozen albums under a few different project titles, as can be seen in my Discography.

In addition to releasing music, Daniel also DJs from time to time. He has spun ambient and classical mixes every year at the DAMNED Show in Detroit, as well as spinning the Steampunk event at Disctrict VII, also in Detroit.


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