Shadowjack, "Shadowjack, "First Bloom: A Chronicle of Humanity’s Future in Space""

Artist: Shadowjack Catalog: IMP020 Genre: , Released: 08/20/2013

In a 25th century nightclub you watch as a young Serpentarian girl sways near a window as if in a trance. Her hips keep time to the bass. Her arms make precise cuts through the smoky air as her fingers drum with every note in the music. The stars race past behind her, each one further from the planet your people once called home. As she dances to the electronic beats of “First Bloom,” by Shadowjack, it occurs to you that in 2013 this scene would have been mere science fiction.

First Bloom: A Chronicle of Humanity’s Future in Space is the latest drum and bass release by Shadowjack. With its companion art book of the same name, Shadowjack also taps his considerable digital art skills to create a true tribute piece to his first love, the world of science-fiction.

CD available directly from Shadowjack at his Bandcamp page.


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