AMNION, "Malestrom"

Maelstrom ties together ten years of generated analogue and digital noise into a dark and seething aural landscape of sonic density.

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Sextile, “A Thousand Hands” Review

Before anything can be said about how good the debut album, “A Thousand Hands”, by Sextile is, I feel compelled to note that Felte is quickly becoming a new favorite record label. It should have been clear that I am a huge fan of Ritual...

Ritual Howls

Ritual Howls, “Turkish Leather” Review

“Turkish Leather” by Ritual Howls is dark, post-punk, gothic rock the way it was meant to be done. These guys are representing Detroit in the best way imaginable: It is dark, gritty, properly brooding and utterly atmospheric. I am...


UNDISCLOSED, “7C858C” Review

“7C858C” is the first in the UNDISCLOSED series, an intriguing and compelling release concept curated by Headphone Commute. The idea is to find an existing, somewhat notable artist, strip away all branding and identity and let them...


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