Flatland Sound Studio is the electronic breakcore moniker for Bottle Imp’s Max Greening.

In the early 1990’s, some of the most exciting electronic sounds were coming from the demoscene, which had its own […]

Max Greening’s life has grown from childhood with music as a basic ingredient. Beginning as your average kid with an […]

Daniel Tuttle has been active in music promotion and publishing since 1994. Beginning as an experiment, he joined a local […]

Bramble is the ambient / drone alias for Scott Wehman from BLAERG.

Row Boat and Apta worked together to produce the split album “Fracture”, released on Bottle Imp Productions in 2013

Row Boat is a post-rock solo project by Mark Wardale. Mark cites several Scandinavian influences behind Row Boat, including classical […]

Shane Edward Semler, a.k.a. Shadowjack, has been writing, recording, and producing music for over 20 years. The name “Shadowjack” comes […]

Invoking the disease of Detroit’s Post-Industrial Wasteland The sound of Metria is categorized by harsh sonic textures, distorted rhythms and […]

McAllister began composing at the age of 15 as part of the grunge scene and eventually moved into electronic music. […]